Spirit Airlines Launches High-Speed Wi-Fi on Caribbean Flights 

spirit airlines wi-fi

Spirit Airlines has completed its installation of high-speed Wi-Fi on its Airbus A320 and Airbus A321 aircraft, including in the Caribbean. 

It’s the first time a U.S-based ultra-low-fare airline has installed high-speed Wi-Fi, the company said. 

Spirit partnered with Thales on a high-speed service called FlytLIVE that the carrier says delivers an “at-home level of experience in the air.”

In September, all of Spirit’s FlytLIVE-enabled planes will be connected to the new SES-17 satellite, a move the company says will mean the fastest Wi-Fi service of any US airline. 

“This is a real groundbreaking moment in the industry as Spirit adds in-flight amenities and product options that have previously not been available on ultra-low fare carriers,” said Matt Klein, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer for Spirit Airlines. “We’re continuing to deliver the best value in the sky by providing options that are important to our Guests, like our high-speed Wi-Fi service, while keeping our focus on affordable fares to provide our Guests with More Go.”

Spirit will have two different options: one for browsing services, including web browsing, email, chat and social media starting at $2.99. 

The streaming option will mean streaming, browsing and chasing with speed that’s 20 times faster. That options starts at $5.99. 

More than 80 percent of the Spirit fleet now has Wi-Fi.

Spirit is adding another 24 Airbus A320neo planes in 2022.  


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