How St Barth’s Top Hotel Is Helping to Save Sea Turtles

le barthelemy

Le Barthelemy Hotel and Spa, the leading hotel in the island of St Barth, has launched a new partnership aimed at saving endangered sea turtles. 

The new partnership with St Barth’s Environmental Territorial Agency will see a portion of every Le Barthelemy booking donated to ATE to help maintain the sea turtles’ local nursery. 

Indeed, over 100 sea turtles return to the shores of St Barth’s Grand Culinary de Sac each April and May to lay their eggs. 

It’s part of a broader, wide-ranging sustainability program at the hotel, which ranges from solar panels and local sourcing to the installation of a desalination station. 

“Through tracking and caring for the ocean wildlife, Le Barthélemy is continuing their commitment to preserving the natural landscape of the island of St. Barts and the community,” the hotel said in a statement to Caribbean Journal. 

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