Antigua’s Buzziest Eateries Are Open Again

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Catherine’s Cafe and Sheer Rocks, two of the buzziest eateries in Antigua, are both back open again. 

Catherine’s Cafe, the English Harbour-area beach bar and Sheer Rocks, one of the leading restaurants in the wider Caribbean, have reopened with a new requirement that all guests over 18 show proof of at least one vaccination. 

The standard is in line with Antigua and Barbuda’s entry protocols for travelers, which also require all visitors to have had at least one shot of a WHO-approved vaccine. 

All staff members at both restaurants are vaccinated, in line with parent company Rocks Group’s company policy. 

Catherine’s Cafe is open for lunch six days a week, closed Tuesday; that includes the popular Beach and Brunch and Lunch Menu. Dinners return next month. 

Sheer Rocks is open Tuesdays through Sundays for lunch, dinner and the highly popular Pool Experiences. 

For more, visit Catherines Cafe and Sheer Rocks

— CJ


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