Puerto Rico Hotel Occupancy Keeps Climbing

puerto rico curfewThe Condado Ocean Club in San Juan.

Puerto Rico continues to see its hotel occupancy climb, with a very strong holiday weekend ahead.

Hotel occupancy in Puerto Rico is expected to average 95 percent for the Fourth of July weekend, according to data from the Puerto Rico Tourism Company.

While the island has seen strong arrival numbers in recent months, a significant portion of the occupancy is coming from Puerto Rico residents, according to Carlos Mercado Santiago, executive director of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company.

Indeed, more than half of all confirmed stays for the weekend are from residents, Mercado said.

The east coast of Puerto Rico is at 97 percent for the weekend, followed by the Porta del Sol and Porta Atlantica regions at 96 percent.

“”Our destination has had a fast and safe recovery and we are confident that the tourism sector and the economic activity it generates will continue to progress,” Mercado said. “The sustained increase in occupancy statistics during the past months is the direct result of an increase in consumer confidence in the effectiveness of the health and safety measures implemented by all sectors of our tourism industry and proof of their effectiveness. of our strategies to promote domestic tourism in all regions of the island.”

— CJ