Antigua Sailing Week Goes Virtual

antigua barbuda sailing week virtual

This year’s Antigua Sailing Week is turning into a virtual event. 

The physical week of sailing had been canceled this year amid the pandemic. 

This year’s virtual edition will be centered around “Sailing Week Sunday,” a virtual event with stories, interviews and entertainment live from Antigua. 

The two-hour event will be held on April 25, 2021 on the Antigua Sailing Week Facebook and YouTube accounts.  

“In the void created by the 2020 cancellation we relied on social media flashbacks to previous years to maintain visibility and our spot on the calendar,” said Event Manager Rana Lewis. “After the cancellation of 2021 we sensed the need to interact with our worldwide audience in real time while sharing the highlights of racing in Antigua & Barbuda. Essentially it is our way of extending an invitation to come as soon as is safely possible to race, chase and celebrate with us.”

This year’s edition aims to “connect and reconnect with an audience who are longtime supporters and participants of Antigua Sailing Week, their friends who have heard great things about it as well as fans of the sport and the destination – any of whom may be considering Antigua & Barbuda as an active or leisure vacation option.”

“A flagship event for Antigua and Barbuda, Antigua Sailing Week plays an important role within the yachting pillar of our tourism marketing strategy. This event allows for the creation of jobs and revenue and as such the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority remains committed to supporting Antigua Sailing Week,” said CEO of the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority, Colin C. James.  

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