Curacao Launches Long-Term Stay Program

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The Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao is the latest Caribbean destination to launch a long-term stay option, Caribbean Journal has learned. 

Curacao has debuted the @HOME in Curacao program, which allows approved applicants to stay for a maximum period of six months on the island (along with a possible extension for another six months). 

The program, like others around the region, targets remote workers, along with extended-stay visitors and investors. 

Curacao joins destinations like The Bahamas, Antigua, the Cayman Islands and Barbados that have launched options for remote workers and long-term visitors.

Curaçao has proven that it has been able to effectively keep the COVID-19 infections under control. Clearly, life on the island has some very attractive features, especially now that people all over the world are limited in their freedom to move around,” said Curacao’s Minister of Economic Development of Curaçao, Dr. Steve Martina. “Aside from the obvious: year-round sunshine, great climate, beautiful beaches and nature, Curaçao offers a vibrant international vibe, versatile culture and the intangible ‘dushi’ Curaçao feeling, that everyone who has been to the island will recognize. Curaçao is extremely well equipped to offer a safe and comfortable option for travelers looking for a place to stay and work.”

The application costs $294, and applicants need to show proof of employment, international travel insurance (there’s also an option to buy local insurance), and comply with the island’s COVID requirements. 

For more, visit @HOME in Curacao

— CJ


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