A Legendary Boutique Hotel in The Bahamas

bahamas flyThe pool at Graycliff in Nassau.

It’s just you and the most beautiful pool in The Bahamas, sipping on a Goombay Smash, surrounded by the towering palm trees of the hills of Old Nassau. 

Dinner’s a few hours away, with a Chateaubriand on the outdoor menu, followed by a late-night cognac with a house-made cigar. 

This is Graycliff, the iconic luxury hotel in the heart of Nassau, and it’s open and welcoming guests. 

The hotel, which has 20 guest rooms, is set just a few steps from Government House in the idyllic streets above the capital, and has long been a haven for celebrities and historical figures, from Winston Churchill to Jay Z. 

And in the age of social distancing, a luxury boutique hotel like this is the perfect prescription. 

This is a hotel for the bon vivant, a place for gourmands, a destination for those appreciate the true fundaments of luxury. 

bahamas boutique hotel

And even the heart of the capital, it’s a quiet, serene oasis, a place where you can remove, where you can step back and stay inside a veritable bubble of indulgence and comfort. 

bahamas boutique hotel
The wine cellar is the third largest private collection on earth.

That means Graycliff’s celebrated puros, rolled at the on-site factory by a team of rollers from Cuba; the spectacular, authentic Neapolitan pizza at Giotto; truffles from the Graycliff Chocolatier; and wine from the third-largest wine cellar on earth or from the new Bahama Barrels, the only winery in The Bahamas. 

bahamas boutique hotel

And that’s the beauty of it — it’s all here, all in once place, meaning you can come here and just stay here — going on a gastronomic journey under the palm trees. 

bahamas boutique hotel
The rooftop patio at one of the suites.

You can travel the world and not find any boutique hotel quite like it.

For more, visit Graycliff

Note: (For those who wish to dine indoors, Graycliff has launched a program with free antigen tests for diners — all guests just need to arrive 15 minutes before their reservation). 

The Bahamas has been open in its most recent tourism phase since November, and all travelers have to present a negative test result within five days before arrival. Here are The Bahamas’ most recent travel protocols.

– CJ


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