Guyana Considers “Phased Reopening” of Airports

jetblue guyana flightsGuyana.

Guyana has drafted a four-stage blueprint for the reopening of the country’s airports. 

The Guyana Civil Aviation Authority has submitted the plan for review with the country’s National COVID-19 Task Force. 

Guyana’s airports have been closed since the early stages of the pandemic

The first phase is the planning stage, followed by the resumption of regional travel. 

“Our third phase is really now expanding [the reopening] some more- taking in foreign nationals and this phase runs right through like between August and December,” said Lt. Col. Egbert Fieldm Director General of the GCAA. 

The fourth phase would see an extension of the airports’ reopening into 2021, with what officials called a “possible resumption to normalcy in the aviation sector.”

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