From Aruba to Eleuthera, 5 Beaches to Dream About

bahamas flyLighthouse Beach on Eleuthera in The Bahamas.
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There’s a humming wind on the east coast of Aruba; a solitary kite surfer floats above the surface of the water and as the jeep pulls up onto to the sand you look around and he’s the only other person you see for miles. 

Boca Grandi is the kind of exotic, less-traveled beach we all fantasize about — and this unsung Aruba beach is the latest to make the top of our list of Beaches to Dream About. 

Because the latest edition of Beaches to Dream About feature is back again, with a look at five sought-after, magical, special beaches we’d love to be lazing on right now. 

Of course, Boca Grandi is just one type of beach; right now, we’re daydreaming about all manner of beach, from hard-to-reach jewels to fun-filled beach bar capitals.  

So here are five beaches to dream about right now, from Eleuthera to Aruba, from buzzing party spots like Orient Bay in St Martin to ultra-secluded bucket-lists stops in The Bahamas. 

Because there’s a beach for every kind of dream. 

What’s your favorite beach in the Caribbean? Let us know at with “My Favorite Beach” in the subject line and tell us why. It might be featured in an upcoming article?

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Boca Grandi Beach, Aruba It’s far from well-traveled sands like Palm and Eagle, set on the raw, unadulterated eastern coast of Aruba. This is Boca Grandi, a haven for kitesurfers and those in search of a very different side of this Dutch Caribbean Island.

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