Caribbean Moment: A Walk on the Beach in Aruba

aruba caribbean beachTake a walk on the beach in Aruba.

Why not start your week with a walk on the beach?

The latest Caribbean Moment is a virtual journey to the Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba and its delightful Hadicurari Beach, commonly known as “Fisherman’s Huts.”

Fisherman’s Huts, set just up the road from the world-famous Palm Beach, is the rare beach with two personalities: the active and the calm.

A simple walk on the beach is a lovely dichotomy; there’s the soft push of powder on your toes, as kitesurfers fly around the surface of the water at speed.

It’s as beautiful as any stretch of sand in Aruba — and it’s always intimate, always

Take a journey there right now in the latest CJ Video.


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