From Antigua to Jamaica, 10 Caribbean Vistas to Dream About

jamaica antigua caribbeanThe view of Magens Bay in St Thomas from the Mountain Top.
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Most Caribbean hotels tend to sit on flat stretches of shoreline, but anyone who has spent time driving around the islands can tell you that most fall somewhere in the range of hilly to downright mountainous. Volcanic eruptions thrust many Caribbean islands up from the seabed not that long ago in geological terms, creating abrupt elevation rise and some spectacular views as you go up. Here are 10 of our favorite spots for panoramic Caribbean vistas you can dream about right now.

Shirley Heights, Antigua: The Shirley Heights Lookout was once a British gun emplacement guarding Antigua in general and the British Navy’s massive base at English Harbour in particular. These days, cocktails have replaced cannons at this 490-foot scenic overlook, which boasts views of English Harbour and Falmouth Harbour and a must-do sunset party on Sunday evenings.

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