Discovering Port Ferdinand, Barbados’ Hottest Luxury Destination


You wake up every morning to a stunning, shiny turquoise out your window, joined by superyachts and sea turtles. 

It’s a view that becomes impossible to resist, a marvelous marriage of serenity and energy. 

There aren’t any other hotels quite like this in the Caribbean, and certainly not in Barbados — and that’s because Port Ferdinand is a rather special property indeed. 

The view is addicting.

It’s set in the still under-the-radar northwestern coast of Barbados, a charming, genteel corner of the island that joins the luxurious feel of the Platinum Coast with the tranquility of the northern cane fields. 

But if Port Ferdinand keeps up like this, this section of the island won’t be under the radar for long. 

This is a modern, grand resort set on what is unquestionably the most beautiful marina in Barbados, with a portfolio of 46 “villas” that follow one of the Caribbean’s hottest, loveliest trends: the rise of the residential resort. 

Residential resorts join the luxury and service of fine resorts with the amenities and style of residences, meaning you can either stay here for a luxurious, adventurous, exquisite vacation, or you can buy a one-way ticket and buy one of the units. 

barbados pool
The overwater pool is one of the resort’s most spectacular amenities.

What it means for travelers is that when you stay here, you’re enjoying the best version of Barbados luxury living, experiencing the joys of nearby Speightstown, shopping locally, having your lunches at the on-site Nikki Beach or soaking in the sublime overwater pool. (And then, after a few days or a week or a month, you can decide to make it your second home). 

plunge pool barbados luxury destination
Several units come with their own infinity plunge pools.

But you also get the best of a resort. 

It’s a bit like being a member of an exclusive private club, with the amenities you often won’t find even at larger resorts: the golf simulator, the spectacular tree-filled spa, the overwater pool (with the latter an amenity you won’t find anywhere else in the Caribbean), the wonderful Dockside eatery, the aforementioned Nikki Beach (the only one of its kind in the English-speaking Caribbean). 

And its boutique size — there are just 46 villas (a mix of one, two and three-bedroom units), after all – means you actually get to enjoy all of them. 

marina barbados luxury destination

And the longer you’re here, the more you begin to appreciate the thoughtfulness of this place, the way the calm of the marina somehow manages to soothe your soul, how the light hits the grand buildings at the golden hour, how you walk outside of the spa and feel as though you’re in the middle of a Bajan forest. 

The Sandbox Tree spa is set in a beautiful natural environment.

Barbados is one of the most complete, most sophisticated, most beautiful places in the Caribbean, and Port Ferdinand is a way to experience and enjoy the best of the island.


It’s a residential resort, a private club, a spectacular marina and, well, the sort of place you never want to leave. 

And the best part? You don’t have to. 

For more, visit Port Ferdinand.


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