ALG Taps New Executive Leadership for Vacations Push

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Apple Leisure Group has announced three new appointments to its executive leadership team to oversee the company’s “rapidly growing” Vacations brands. 

The travel company has tapped Jacqueline Marks, Steve Dumaine and Ray Snisky to the ALG executive committee, overseeing the Vacations brands, according to new Apple CEO Alejandro Reynal. 

“The strength of ALG lies in our ability to remain dynamic in the ever-changing travel industry, and having a leadership structure that allows for increased accountability and agility is essential to our long-term success,” said Reynal. “As ALG continues to evolve, strengthening our executive committee with the addition of Jacqueline, Steve and Ray is the next step to accomplish our goal of improving overall performance and delivering the best service to our customers and partners.”

The new appointments will each oversee a distinct area of the company’s vacations business.

Marks, who had previously served as executive vice president of trade sales and engagement, is now the executive vice president for travel agent business.

Snisky is the current chief commercial officer of ALG Vacations, while Dumaine is the current executive vice president of ALG’s B2C-focused Vacations brands.

“We are committed to building a strong foundation that can support the exponential growth ALG has experienced,” said Alex Zozaya, Executive Chairman of ALG. “Our new executive committee members understand our business and our customers, and I am confident in their ability to lead the Company into the next chapter of its growth.”


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