Saint Lucia Has a “Worry Free” Vacation Guarantee

saint lucia tourism sizzle 2The Marigot Bay resort in Saint Lucia.

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Storms do happen in the Caribbean in the summertime, but one destination has you covered if they do.

Saint Lucia’s famous worry-free vacation guarantee program is in full effect this year, with 25 properties in the destination offering guests a holiday guarantee if their vacations are interrupted by adverse weather.

The Saint Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association created the holiday guarantee “so visitors could book their vacations with confidence at any time of year,” according to a statement.

The guarantee becomes effective once the Saint Lucia Meteorological Service issues a hurricane warning, giving travelers a waiver of cancellation penalties and an opportunity to reserve their trips again.

The holiday guarantee program first launched last year.

“As a sought after Caribbean destination, it is utterly necessary that our Holiday Guarantee remains in full effect to assure our visitors that Saint Lucia takes pride in its tourism product,” said Beverly Nicholson-Doty, the chief executive officer of the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority.

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— CJ