A New Beach Shack in Cancun

cancun beach shack

By the Caribbean Journal staff

There’s a new beachfront hotspot in Cancun.

It’s called SacBé Beach Shack, and it’s the newest addition to the 450-room Marriott Cancun Resort on the Caribbean coast of Mexico.

The beach shack blends Tulum style with the energy of Cancun, with live DJ music, copious hammocks and lounge chairs and a focus on mixology.

cancun beach shack

The menu highlights local cuisine, from chicken mole tacos to chicken escabeche sope, along with “signature Caribbean flavors.”

Designed by food and beverage consulting firm Pure Grey, the shack features hand-painted Mayan artwork, sand floors and a beautiful ceiling made of pieced-together driftwood rods.

“Our newest addition follows a $25 million renovation [to the resort] just two years ago,” said Marriott Cancun Vice President and General Manager Chris Calabrese. “We continuously look for innovative elements that tap into the Mexican culture and enhance the overall guest experience. After the highly anticipated SacBé opening, we have big plans for the Marriott Cancun Resort lobby bar.”    

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