VIDEO: In St Kitts, The Art of the Beach Hotspot


By Alexander Britell and Guy Britton

There’s a way the sea gets silver, the contours of the dock and the chairs merge with the waves and the rum becomes one with the hour.

Here on the southeast peninsula of St Kitts, that’s about once every day.

st kitts beach hotspot

The tucked-away Salt Plage beach bar specializes in this sort of perfection, with just the right cocktail of high design and extreme leisure.

It’s easily the hottest spot in St Kitts, the must-visit happy hour and a place that epitomizes the sophisticated, luxuriously relaxed ambience of the island’s Christophe Harbour development.

st kitts beach hotspot

Salt Plage first opened its doors in 2014, a strikingly-designed bar built in part from the foundations of an old salt warehouse dating back to the 1940s, one that stored salt mined from the salt ponds of the peninsula.

Today, it’s a gold mine, filled with beach lovers and rum aficionados looking to stylishly capture the sunset.

st kitts beach hotspot

There’s something for everyone here, whether you want to indulge in fine aged rums or the bar’s signature Salt Plage Jumbie or nibble on conch fritters or coconut fried shrimp.

Travelers are finding a new energy in St Kitts, a new level of luxury, a new identity, and it’s all centered here on the southeast peninsula, where the Park Hyatt St Kitts is just a few minutes away.

st kitts beach hotspot

The views are truly remarkable.

St Kitts has rapidly become a beach bar destination in its own right — but Salt Plage is the crown jewel.

See more in the latest CJ Video.

— CJ


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