New Eco-Luxe Retreat Coming to Colombia

colombia eco luxe

By Dana Niland
CJ Contributor

Cannúa, an 18-room boutique hotel set within a protected forest in Antioquia, Colombia, is scheduled to open in April 2019.

The 27-acre mountainside retreat is set about 90 minutes from Medellin.

“As Colombia continues to evolve as a destination of natural and cultural wonders, we’re proud to be bringing a truly exceptional and transformative travel experience to Antioquia’s countryside,” said Nathan Rodgers, CEO and Co-Founder of Cannúa. “We want to show the world’s travelers that there’s more to Colombia than its cities – and that it’s possible to develop a hotel in a way that is both environmentally and socially sustainable.” 

Constructed using sustainably-sourced bamboo and compressed-earth blocks produced on-site from the property’s own soil, the hotel will utilize rainwater through its own on-site water treatment system, and will implement a waste management system with the ultimate goal of being a zero waste property.

colombia eco luxe

The retreat will also plant two acres of organic gardens and food forests to supply its own restaurant, and will work with local organic farmers for ingredients that cannot otherwise be produced on-site.

Cannúa’s eight private cabañas and 10 rooms will feature views of the Valle de San Nicolas, and blend locally-influenced aesthetics with modern amenities.

Travelers will enjoy ancient hiking trails, embark on exotic birdwatching expeditions or look inward at the spa after a morning yoga class. 

Other activities include sipping a cup of locally-grown coffee, visiting a community farm, or taking a class in flower arranging with homegrown blooms – courtesy of Cannúa’s onsite garden.

— CJ


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