A New All-Inclusive Vacation to Try in Saint Lucia


By Alexander Britell

It’s one of the signature bays in the Caribbean, the sort of tucked-away spot favored by yachters and die-hard Caribbean travelers, a place with equal parts magic and mystique.

Marigot Bay is not the kind of place where you’d ever envision an all-inclusive, at least not in the traditional sense.

all-inclusive vacation saint lucia

But the Marigot Bay Resort just changed that — and now it means one of Saint Lucia’s most stunning scenes has the comfort of an all-inclusive.

The resort, which recently ditched the Capella brand and went independent, has debuted its new “All-Inclucian” plan, a full all-inclusive vacation option for travelers at the resort.

And it’s a broad plan.

all-inclusive vacation saint lucia

The “All-IncLucian” includes full breakfast daily with everything from Creole breakfast to homemade pastries; lunch at either Marigot Bay’s Hurricane Hole or the Brut Bar and its sushi bar; fine dining at the resort’s Grill at 14° 61°, including a three-course dinner; special event barbecues; a stocked in-room fridge; poolside snacks.

And yes — that includes beverages, from house wines, Heineken and Guinness, signature and classic cocktails and premium spirit brands including Saint Lucia’s legendary rums like Chairman’s Reserve.

Marigot Bay has also included a dine-around option (one first pioneered on the island by the Bay Gardens Beach Resort), that includes dinner at local restaurants like Masala Bay and Julietta’s, with the dine-around kicking in after the fourth night of arrival.

all-inclusive vacation saint lucia

It’s a major new addition to the island where all-inclusive options have traditionally been limited to larger brands.

This is something very different, all-inclusive convenience within a luxury resort in a beautiful bay.

all-inclusive vacation saint lucia

Now that’s a special all-inclusive vacation.

For more, visit the Marigot Bay Resort.


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