VIDEO: Why You Need to Visit Christiansted, St Croix


By Alexander Britell

World-class restaurants. Historic forts. Creative cocktail bars.

And even its own little cay.

This is Christiansted, St Croix, and it’s time it got on your travel radar.

Because the best-kept secret in the US Virgin Islands has quietly become one of the most fascinating spots in the Caribbean, a haven for foodies, history lovers and beach aficionados.

St Croix’s tourism recovery from last year’s storms has been nothing short of remarkable, and Christiansted is at the center of it, with a collection of small hotels (from the Hotel Caravelle to the Club Comanche), great shopping, bustling bars and one of the region’s most happening food scenes.

It’s the latter that’s most impressive; in a few short years Christiansted has cultivated a significant concentration of top eateries, from institutions like Savant to up-and-coming dining outposts like Uptown Eatery, Zion Modern Kitchen and Balter, among others.

And while this is certainly an urban destination, the water is never far, whether you’re taking out a charter boat to Buck Island or spending an afternoon just across the harbor at the eminently lovable Hotel on the Cay and its great little white-sand beach.

See more in the latest CJ video at the top of the page.

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