Here’s How You Can Help Puerto Rico Right Now


By the Caribbean Journal staff

The Caribbean island of Puerto Rico was battered by Hurricane Maria, and the island now faces a humanitarian crisis.

Much of the island is still without power, while water and food are increasingly scarce and communications limited.

But you can help.

We recommend donating to the Unidos por Puerto Rico, or “United for Puerto Rico,” initiative, which was spearheaded by Puerto Rico First Lady Beatriz Rossello and advocated by some of the leading cultural figures in Puerto Rico, from Marc Anthony to Carlos Delgado to Ricky Martin.

The initiative is being undertaken in collaboration with Puerto ‘Rico’s private sector, aiming to provide “aid and support to those affected in Puerto Rico by the passage of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria.”

It’s direct, on-the-ground support, which is what Puerto Rico needs right now.

There are three ways to donate, either via Paypal, bank transfer or by telephone.

For more information, visit United for Puerto Rico.


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