The Best Places to Eat Lobster in Anegada


Anegada: it’s the remote, beach-filled outpost of the British Virgin Islands, a throwback to the Old Caribbean that remains one of the region’s undiscovered gems.

More importantly, though, Anegada is without question the Caribbean capital of lobster — thanks to a remarkable surfeit of the creatures that ensures no meal takes place without a lobster (or two) on someone’s plate.

It’s no surprise, then, that one of the most popular events of the BVI Food Fete, a culinary event which first launched back in 2014, is the Anegada Lobster Festival, a two-day lobster extravaganza Nov. 25-26 that includes a “Lobster Crawl” on the 24.

Here are some of our favorite places to enjoy lobster on the island.

Anegada Reef

Perhaps the number one dinner spot on the island, the venerable Anegada Reef has fresh lobster and an even better setting right on the water.

Neptune’s Treasure

Come here on an off hour and watch the lobster get pulled from the trap at Neptune’s Treasure. Then come back in the evening and go to town on serious crustacean goodness.

Potter’s By the Sea

It’s the first thing most visitors see when they arrive to Anegada, and this terrific beach bar-restaurant serves a massive lobster dinner. Just make sure you reserve it early in the day.

Big Bamboo

This legendary spot set at the edge of Loblolly Bay is named for the eponymous Big Bamboo (cover photo), one of the island’s lobstering legends.

Wonky Dog

Rustic and laid back, one of the island’s newer spots has lobster that delivers, along with frequent music to add a soundtrack to your seafood consumption.

Lobster Trap

You’ll find lobster all over the menu at this lovely waterfront eatery, even in a delicious linguine. But the barbecued lobster is still the must-try dish.

Cow Wreck

The island’s greatest beach bar means you can consume ultra-fresh lobster right on powder-white sand, then take a dip with a rum in hand. It doesn’t get much better than that.


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