The Caribbean’s Best Pizza Is In An Airport


The Caribbean’s airport experience is certainly getting better. While some less than stellar terminals remain (you know who you are) more and more islands are putting in the effort and resources into building new terminals — aware that the first impression, just like the last impression, is integral to repeat visits.

But even in the Caribbean’s nicer airports, there’s often a flaw; the food. No matter where you go, you always encounter the same generic culinary offerings.

The Morello Forni oven is serious.

But not in Nassau.

It was a pleasure to discover on a recent trip to the island that the airport’s domestic terminal (i.e. the way to get to the out islands) is home to a certifiable gem.

It’s called Giotto Pizzeria; it opened about four months ago here as the brainchild of Nassau’s Graycliff and the Garzaroli family and it is — in a word — outstanding.

It’s an outpost of the Giotto Pizzeria at the Graycliff hotel in downtown Nassau.

The pizzeria, which has terrific wine by the glass, espresso and all the bottled water varieties you could ask for, offers resplendent, authentic Neapolitan pizza baked to order in a Morello Forini Italian oven.

This is the best pizza you can find in the Caribbean — and it’s in an airport.


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