Jamaica’s New Birthright Program


A new way to spend the summer in Jamaica

By Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon
CJ Travel Editor

Although the new school year has just started, it’s never too early for college students to start planning their summer internships.

And if you’re a second- or third-generation Jamaican student who wants to connect with your island heritage, there’s good news: Applications are now open for Grace Kennedy’s Jamaican Birthright program, which provides summer internships for young people living outside the island whose parents or grandparents are Jamaican citizens.

Open to U.S.-, U.K-. and Canada-based undergraduate and graduate students between 18 and 25-years-old, the program is designed to give four interns a well-rounded experience of Jamaican life while furthering their professional goals. Successful candidates will work for a month in a Grace Kennedy company relevant to their field of study, and participate in weekend excursions that will expose them to all aspects of the island’s unique lifestyle and vibrant culture.

Established in 1922, Grace Kennedy is one of Jamaica’s oldest corporations, with a network of 60 companies in the food processing, finance, banking and remittance industries. For more information and to apply for the birthright program, go to gracekennedy.com/birthright. Applications close on November 30.


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