Bahamas’ Goombay Festival Going Strong (And There’s Still Time to Visit)

Goombay Festival

Just one week away from this year’s finale, guests have immersed themselves in the culture at the Bahamas Goombay Summer Festival.

Frequent visitors Bran and Lamar Hodges from Cincinnati said that although they visit the Bahamas often, every experience is different.

“We always have a good time when we’re here and we’re actually excited that we came during the festival season, so this is a perk,” Lamar said.

“We like all of the different restaurants that you have to choose from and to try and also all the different vendors with their different crafts up for sale, really like that,” said Bran.

Bobby from Houston said it was his first time in the Bahamas, but he will be back especially for GSF.

“I’m having a great time,” he said. “I love coming out here, seeing all the different culture, tasting the different food and having wonderful music out here makes it a fun exciting adventure. “Next time we’re in The Bahamas, we will definitely be back for the festivals.”

Stacia from South Florida, another frequent visitor, said she’s “in love with the country’s talent.”

“The food, the culture, and the artwork is so beautiful. The more we talk to people, the more at home we feel with the artists and the locals in general,” she said.

“There is so much variety of talent, both in the art and the food and it makes it really hard to choose what you’re going to get; what you’re going to support. I love supporting the locals anyway because it’s awesome to see the community out.”

— Dana Niland, CJ Contributor


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