Rum Journal: Finding a Rum Cave in Saint Lucia

Rum Cave

It’s tucked away in a small corner of Marigot Bay, at the foot of the hillside Marigot Bay Beach Resort.

And inside is a must-stop for rum pilgrims (and boaters) on the island of Saint Lucia.

Rum Cave

This is the Rum Cave, one of the newest rum bars in the Caribbean and a lovely little stop for a sip on the marina.

It’s not massive, but it’s got a solid selection of rums, with the largest portion unsurprisingly the rums made by local outfit St Lucia Distillers, including Rum Journal’s 2015 Rum of the Year, the company’s 1931 blend.

Rum Cave

That’s joined by a selection of rums from French outfit Plantation, Guyana’s El Dorado, Trinidad’s Angostura, Cuba’s Havana Club and Martinique’s Clement and Dillon, among others.

Rum Cave

Capella Marigot Bay Resort and Marina

There are cocktails, of course, along with regular tasting classes, helping to spread the gospel of rum to guests, locals and yachters alike.

Rum Cave

It has the cool, crisp climate you’d expect to find in a Caribbean rum aging room, with soft lighting and a lovely barrel-focused decor.

And can you really argue with something called a rum cave?

— Rum Journal


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