Aruba’s Premier is Building an Electric Jeep


Eman’s latest green push in Aruba

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Aruba has been on a major green push in recent years, with a high-profile plan for 100 percent green energy by 2020, by far the most ambitious public-sector project of its kind in the Caribbean.

Now, Aruba Premier Mike Eman is going all in, working on a project to build his own electric car.

It’s called Project E-Jeep, and sees Eman and his nephew Trevor restoring an old jeep “that has been in our family for a long time.”

“We will go beyond the full restoration that we have done over time with this jeep,” Eman wrote in a Facebook post. “We will replace the gasoline V6 engine for an electrical motor.”

It will probably be the island’s first electric four-wheel-drive Jeep, Eman says.

“We have a long way to go,” he says.


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