Jamaica’s $236 Million Green Energy Transformation


The island goes green

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Jamaica is going green in a big way, according to Energy Minister Phillip Paulwell.

Indeed, there are a number of green energy projects either underway or set to launch on the island, to the tune of $236 million USD.

Those include the ongoing Wigton Wind Farm expansion project in Manchester, valued at $50 million; a $90 million wind farm project by US firm BMR Energy in St Elizabeth; a $36 million hydropower plant in St Elizabeth and a $60 million solar energy plant in Clarendon.

“Already, we find that there is growing interest in the use of energy saving and energy-efficient devices,” Paulwell said. “This enthusiasm is gathering momentum, especially in the wake of the significant cost reduction…resulting from the Government’s removal of taxation on energy-efficient devices, while encouraging the use of renewable energy.”

The government itself is also implementing a $20 million project aimed at conserving energy use, Paulwell said.