Major Caribbean Coral Restoration Project Expands to Curacao


Above: saving corals in Bonaire

By the Caribbean Journal staff

A major Caribbean coral restoration project is expanding.

The Coral Restoration Foundation Bonaire has joined forces with the Coral Restoration Foundation to launch a similar project in Curacao.

CRF Curacao has already seen the establishment of a 10-tree coral nursery with both staghorn and elkhorn coral.

“Corals have been placed in the nursery where they will generate 2nd and 3rd generations of corals that once mature will be transplanted onto degraded portions of the Curacao reef,” CRF Bonaire said in a statement.

The project is being launched with support from the Ocean Encounter dive shop in Curacao.

The Bonaire project, which is supported by hotels and other partners across the island of Bonaire, has been planting staghorn and elkhorn nurseries with the aim of then transplanting the corals to degraded portions of reef.


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