Watch This Kitesurfer Jump off the Top of Richard Branson’s Necker Island


Above: Jacobsen above the top of Necker Island’s Great House

By the Caribbean Journal staff

The Caribbean’s resident mogul, Richard Branson, is increasingly sharing the goings-on at his private Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands, but his latest release might be the most amazing.

This week, Branson shared a video of kitesurfer Nick Jacobsen kitesurfing off the top of the great house at Necker Island.

The “launch” came from 131 feet above sea level, and meant traveling a distance of 500 feet before he landed upright in the water.

Branson, who is a kitesurfer himself, said he “was in awe — blown away by Nick’s courage and style.”

According to Branson, the jump was filmed for a major film on kitesurfing currently in production called Chapter One.

See the jump in the Mai Tai Media video”


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