Caribbean Home: Your Own Private Island Off San Salvador


Above: High Cay

By the Caribbean Journal staff

You might call it Columbus’ private island.

The cliffs of High Cay, near the Bahamian island of San Salvador, were quite possibly the first thing Columbus saw when he reached the New World.

high cay

Now it can be yours — for $3.2 million.

Nassau’s HG Christie has the listing on the private island of High Cay, a secluded spot with turquoise beaches off San Salvador’s southeastern coast.


“The island would be ideally suited for the creation of a wonderful showpiece dwelling, set high on the bluff with 360 degree views, pathways to the beaches and a dock that could be built in the protected lee of the island,” HG Christie says.


Above: the famous cliffs of High Cay

Overall, the beach-filled island has just under 31.5 acres.

— CJ