Caribbean Room With a View: Dominica’s Fort Young Hotel


Above: the historic property in downtown Roseau

It’s the first thing you do. Or should do, anyway.

You open the door to your hotel room in the Caribbean and walk to the window or balcony.

It’s that moment, when you first open the door or slide the window, that you know and feel that you’re finally in the Caribbean.

And at the the Fort Young Hotel in Dominica, you might just call it a Hotel with a View.

Here, it’s all about the spectacular views, with some of the best vistas of the port of Roseau the sheer green of the Nature Island.

waterabove: the Waterfront restaurant

And that’s true whether you’re in one of the rooms or the Waterfront Restaurant, which has perhaps the best look at the sea of anywhere on the island.


Above: an oceanfront suite

Dominica’s a place that’s energetic but untouched, the kind of destination that will keep you discovering from the moment you arrive.

That is, if you can turn your eyes away from the sea for a moment.

— CJ

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