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Caribbean Plate: Parmesan and Truffles at Bonaire’s Buddy Dive Resort

The Buddy Dive Resort in Bonaire has long been a haven for divers, but it’s upping the ante in the food department with its new restaurant, “Ingridients.”

The Italian-accented eatery’s flagship dish is parmesan pasta with truffle, which is prepared tableside, which begins by pouring cognac in a ladle, setting it aflame and pouring it in the centre of a wheel of Parmesan cheese.

It’s the work of Chef Yeinso, who is just 20 years old and joined Ingridients right after its debuted in August.

Ingredients has been kind enough to share its recipe for the dish with CJ.

See the full ingredient list below:

100 gram / 3.53 oz of freshly cooked and drained Tagliatelle pasta
5 gram / 0.18 oz of Truffle salsa
25 gram / 0.90 oz of Parmesan cheese
7 ml / 7 fl oz of Cognac

Of course, the truffle salsa remains a secret recipe — you’ll just have to head to ingredients to try it for yourself.

— CJ

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