Rum Journal: Trinidad’s Angostura Jammy Rum Sour


Above: Angostura’s rums

We rather like Angostura Rum here at Rum Journal — usually with ice alone.

But the famous House of Angostura’s rums are actually quite at home in a number of unique cocktails, from simple daiquiris to complex concoctions.

A particularly delectable one is the Angostura Jammy Rum Sour, a fruity, rich drink perfect for a Sunday in autumn.

Here’s the recipe, courtesy of Angostura:

• Two parts Angostura Reserva Rum or Angostura 5 Year Old Rum
• Two fairly generous teaspoons of Jam/Jelly (Raspberry or Strawberry)
• One part lemon juice
• Half an egg white (No yolk)

• Add ingredients into a Jam Jar.
• Add cubed ice and shake it viciously.
• Strain through sieve into a short glass or tumbler.


— CJ