Haiti’s Tourism Sector Talks Taxation


Above: the working meeting in Port-au-Prince (Photo: MT Haiti)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Haiti’s Advisory Council of Tourism held a working meeting on Monday in Port-au-Prince, seeking to hear the concerns of the country’s tourism stakeholders.

A group of players from Haiti’s tourism, aviation and hospitality industries, joined by Tourism Minister Stephanie Villedrouin, discussed proposed legislative measures the Ministry says are aimed at encouraging investment.

According to a statement from the Ministry, the purpose of the session was to hear grievances from interested parties in the sector.

Some members of the Tourism Advisory Council have been complaining about the current taxation system in Haiti, according to the Ministry.

The group also discussed Villedrouin’s plan to establish a “tourist police” for heritage sites and tourist facilities.

That initiative was first announced in Villedrouin’s list of priority projects released at the beginning of 2013.

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