Rum Journal: A Classic Daiquiri from the Dominican Republic’s Atlantico Rum

Atlantico’s story is the search for the perfect rum, led by two former executives at Bacardi who ended up finding it in the Dominican Republic. And Atlantico is a rum Rum Journal likes very much. What we also like is that, unlike many rums, it uses both sugar cane juice and molasses, something of a perfect storm of rum. But while Atlantico is best enjoyed on the rocks, it also has a place in one of the world’s great cocktails: the daiquiri (no, not that frozen thing).

The daiquiri has a long history — invented sometime in the early 20th century, a longtime choice of Ernest Hemingway (who eventually put his own spin on the drink) and still popular today. It’s also the effective Spanish equivalent of the French Islands’ Ti’ Punch, another Rum Journal favourite. To honour one of the pillars of rum history, we bring you the Daiquiri, Atlantico-style.


2 oz ATLANTICO Platino Rum

1 oz Fresh Squeezed lime juice

.5 oz Simple syrup


Fill shaker with ice. Add ingredients and shake. Strain into cocktail or martini glass, top with Daiquiri foam (made with the same ingredients and egg whites) and then garnish with a lime.

*Can also be served on the rocks

Here’s to a classic. — CJ


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