Puerto Rico Governor-Elect Names New Public Health Officials

Above: Puerto Rico Governor-Elect Alejandro Garcia Padilla

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Puerto Rico Governor-Elect Alejandro Garcia Padilla has appointed Dr Francisco Joglar Pesquera as the island’s next Secretary of Health, he announce this week.

The new Secretary is a noted nephrologist. He currently serves as the director of EVIMED Puerto Rico as a consultant to its programme of chronic kidney diseases.

Padilla also announced several key health officials, including Ana del Carmen Rius to lead the Medical Services Administration of Puerto Rico; Waleska Crespo Rivera will lead the Cardiovascular Centre of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean and Dr Salvador Santiago Negron will lead the Administration of Mental Health Services and Addiction.

“All of these professionals bring extensive of the public health system,” Padilla said. “I hope they will be instrumental in achieving the results and goals we have set.”

Padilla won Puerto Rico’s gubernatorial election in November, ousting Luis Fortuno.


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