US Embassy in Haiti Issues Warning Following Series of Armed Robberies


Above: the Tabarre neighbourhood in Port-au-Prince (Photo: US Embassy in Haiti)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

The United States Embassy in Haiti issued a security message to US citizens traveling in or visiting Haiti this week after a spate of armed robberies near the embassy in Port-au-Prince.

According to a release from the Embassy, over the last two months, approximately 10 armed robberies occurred after customers made ATM withdrawals in the area neighbourhood across from the Embassy in Tabarre.

“It appears that, in all cases, thieves have followed the victims on motorcycle and robbed them at gunpoint away from the bank,” the embassy said.

The embassy urged US citizens on taking “sound security precautions” in traveling in Port-au-Prince, including keeping windows up, locking doors and “being on the lookout for individuals who might be following you.”


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