Hillary Clinton Sends “Best Wishes” Ahead of Jamaica 50 Celebrations


Above: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (Photo: US Department of State)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is sending the “best wishes of President Barack Obama and the people of the United States” to Jamaica ahead of the 50th anniversary of its independence.

“This is an opportunity to reflect on your decades of progress as you continue to build a brighter future,” she said in a statement.

“For 50 years, the United States and Jamaica have enjoyed a close friendship based on trust and mutual interest, strengthened by the people-to-people ties and a vibrant Jamaican-American community,” she said.

The US’ top diplomat also said the two countries’ collaboration within the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative was helping the region “move toward a safer and more secure environment for our citizens.”

“I am confident that our efforts will result in increased prosperity and stability for Jamaica and the United States,” she said. “I am looking forward to working even more closely together to promote sustainable economic development, particularly through the Caribbean IDEA Marketplace.”

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