Taiwan Lends Support to Dominican Republic Technology Investment Fund


Above: the agreement’s signing in Santo Domingo (Photo: CIG)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

The government of Taiwan has donated just under $900,000 to the Santo Domingo Cybernetic Park’s technology investment fund.

The three-million-square-foot park, which was set up in the first administration of President Leonel Fernandez, seeks to attract investment in technology-related products and services.

The park’s fund, which was set up in 2005, invests money in technology firms in the Dominican Republic.

The resources were delivered by Taiwanese Ambassador to the Dominican Republic, Tomas Ping-Fu Hou to Inocencio Garcia Javier, the director general for bilateral cooperation in the Dominican Republic’s Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development, along with Eddy Martinez, the executive vice president of the park.

Hou said the grant was part of a programme to support the park, which includes initiatives to support the development of skills and education, technological innovation and information technology skills, among others.

Companies currently operating at the park, which is called the PCSD (Parque Cibernetico Santo Domingo) include solar panel firm SODESOL and Orpheus Mobile.