Panama Launching New Solar Project


Above: Hector Aparicio

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Panama’s government is launching a new solar panel project that could help provide power for 600 families in the Rodeo Viejo de Sona district in the Veraguas province.

The project, which is being conducted by the President of Panama’s National Assembly, Hector Aparicio, aims to provide electricity access to areas which have never before had it.

“I think that solar energy contributes to meeting the basic needs of families who are darkness in remote communities in Veraguas,” Aparicio said.

A project has already installed 30 new panels in the community of Ruices, in the village of El Prado, also in Veraguas, he said.

It’s similar to another project currently underway in Guyana, where the government is working to use solar panels to provide electricity for the country’s rural communities.

For more on that project, click here.

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