Puerto Rico Launches Plan to Improve Broadband Internet Access


By the Caribbean Journal staff

Puerto Rico is looking to expand access to broadband internet across the island, according to a new plan by the Puerto Rico Broadband Task Force.

The initiative, unveiled by Governor Luis Fortuño, seeks to widen access to high-speed internet across all sectors of the territory.

“With this strategic plan, we will put Puerto Rico on the map of information and technology of the 21st century,” Fortuño said. “We are looking to end the problem of access, adoption and use in broadband service that limits growth in this important area of competitiveness.

According to the government, while there is an 86 percent availability rate of broadband in Puerto Rico, just 31 percent of households receive the service.

Just 55 percent of households in Puerto Rico have a computer.

“Our goal is to offer all Puerto Ricans access to this service,” Fortuño said.

The strategic plan includes several initiatives: to establish a goal of 98 percent of Puerto Rican households with high speed internet and at least three suppliers with competitive bids; to set up public access centres in poor communities; to create a digital training programme, and to launch an information campaign outlining the benefits of high-speed internet, among others.

Puerto Rico is the latest Caribbean island to look to improve its access to information and communication technology.

St Lucia recently launched a plan with the ultimate goal of providing free wireless internet across the country.

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