OAS Condemns Attack on Former Colombian Minister Fernando Londoño


By the Caribbean Journal staff

The terror attack against Fernando Londoño Hoyos, the former Colombian Interior and Justice Minister committed in Bogota Tuesday is drawing condemnation from the OAS.

Londoño was injured in the blast in a commercial section of Bogota.

Organization of American States Secretary General Jose Miguel Insulza expressed his “vigorous condemnation” of the attack, which reportedly left at least five people dead and almost 30 injured and was an apparent assassination attempt.

Insulza called the attack “an atrocious crime that deserves the clear condemnation of the international community,” and resumed his call “to cease once and for all these irrational actions, that only reflect the brutality of those groups who don’t represent anyone in Colombian society.”

The SG said the OAS would continue to do what was within its power so that violence came to an end in Colombia.

“The Colombian people do not deserve this pain,” he said.

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