PetroCaribe, Wigton to Invest in Green Initiative at Jamaica’s Munro College


Above: PetroCaribe and Wigton are partnering on a green energy pilot project

By the Caribbean Journal staff

The PetroCaribe Development Fund and energy firm Wigton Windfarm will invest in a project to rehabilitate the wind turbine at Jamaica’s Munro College.

The initiative, which was announced at Wigton’s corporate headquarters, will also involve technical assistance and training for fourth and fifth form students in green energy practice.

“Renewable energy will continue to be one of the most important issues for Jamaica going forward, and this investment is not only about rehabilitating the wind turbine, it’s also about making a meaningful connection with these students,” said Sharon Weber, manager of the PetroCaribe Development Fund.

The training component of the programme will take place at the Wigton Resource Centre in Manchester and Munro College, comprised of lectures, presentations, technology demonstrations and hands-on exercises.

“Over the years, Wigton has carried out and/or facilitated numerous training programmes, seminars and workshops aimed at building capacity in the renewable energy sector,” said Earl Barrett, general manager of Wigton. “This pilot project is no different and we hope that this exercise will encourage the students to pursue careers in the field of renewable energy.”

The 225-kilowatt generator at Munro College was commissioned in 1996, the first grid-connected wind energy source in the English-speaking Caribbean.


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