China Hands Over Ferries to Guyana


Above: the two ferries are valued at $14.4 million (Photo: GINA)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

The Chinese government has handed over two roll-on, roll-off ferries to Guyana, doing so in a ceremony yesterday.

The two ferries are valued at a total of $14.4 million.

The Sabanto and Kanawan vessels were handed over by Chinese Ambassador to Guyana Yu Wenzhe, joined by representatives of the Guyanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“These two vessels, which will be used across the Essequibo River, will greatly facilitate the movement of people and commodities,” Yu said. “This, in turn, will greatly facilitate an improved livelihood of the people and the production of agriculture and other goods on both sides of the river.”

The Ambassador said 2012 marked 40 years of cooperation and friendship between Guyana and China.

“We hope to take this opportunity this year to have a series of activities to celebrate the 40th anniversary and deepen the friendship and close cooperation,” he said. “The two ferries are yet another example … which will benefit the ordinary people, workers, farmers and the people on both sides, China and Guyana.”

The boats have been described as a New Year’s gift by the Chinese embassy.

Each ferry has the capacity seat 800 passengers with 20 lorries or 44 cars.

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