Grenadian Government Launches Probe into Boxing Day Incident


By the Caribbean Journal staff

The Grenadian government has launched an investigation to determine the facts of the death of visiting Canadian tourist Oscar Bartholomew, who died in an incident on Boxing Day, but one MP is urging a wider, independent inquiry.

Bartholomew died following an altercation with officers attached to the St David’s Police Station.

It reportedly began as the result of a misunderstanding on the part of Bartholomew, who hugged a female police officer whom he thought was his relative — leading to his arrest by police, and, as many allege, a beating by police.

“I have asked [Commissioner Willan Thompson] for a full report, once the investigation is completed,” said Prime Minister Tillman Thomas, who spent yesterday visiting Bartholomew’s family. “I will give all the necessary support and make the resources available to ensure a full and transparent process.”

Thomas was joined by Denis Lett, Member of Parliament for St David, who recommended a broader probe.

“I know the police will conduct their own internal investigation, but they may also wish to consider setting up a broader commission of enquiry that includes a retired judge to speed up the investigation and uncover all the facts surrounding the incident.”

The incident has led to concern by a number of people from St David and other parts of Grenada over the death of Bartholomew, who was visiting from Toronto.


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