Haiti Gets Grant for Hydroelectric Power


Above: Lake Peligre in Haiti

By the Caribbean Journal staff

The Inter-American Development Bank has approved a $20 million grant to complete and supplement financing needed to refurbish Haiti’s Peligre hydroelectric plant, the largest green energy facility in the country.

The project will help Haiti restore and preserve the original stalled capacity of 54 megawatts, while safeguarding the dam’s functions of controlling floods and supplying water for irrigation in the Artibonite valley. Haiti’s chief farming region.

The project has already received financing from several other organizations, including a $13.7 million grant from German development agency KfW and $15 million in concessional financing from OFID, OPEC’s international development fund.

The IDB previously granted $12.5 million for the project.

The money will aid in rehabilitating the facility’s three turbines, along with improving aging electromechanical equipment and control systems.

The project will begin in 2012.


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