After a Maritime Ordeal, Grenadians Return Home from Venezuela


By the Caribbean Journal staff

Following a government effort that involved long hours of negotiations and thousands of dollars in costs, 35 passengers have returned to Grenada after their ship went adrift of the Venezuelan coast.

The MV Amelia A, which was traveling Sep. 15 from Trinidad to Grenada, had engine failure and went off its intended route, until it was tracked through a joint effort by the coast guards of Trinidad, Venezuela and Grenada.

The passengers, who included some non-nationals, flew back to Grenada from Venezuela on Saturday aboard a chartered Conviasa airline.

“When we realized we were adrift, we thought we would have been rescued sooner,” said Grenadian Benedict Phillip. “However, we met hospitable people on an island off Venezuela and I want to express my thanks to both the governments of Grenada and Venezuela.”

Passenger Christine Bartholomew, who was traveling with her 11-year-old granddaughter, called it a “nerve-wracking experience.”

The ship was towed into Port St George Monday.


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