New Bermuda Tourism CEO to Lead Island’s Recovery Push

Bermuda Tourism CEOThe new St Regis resort in Bermuda.

The Bermuda Tourism Authority has a new chief executive officer: Tracy Berkeley, who has been serving as the organization’s Interim CEO since June of last year. 

Berkeley, who has been with the Bermuda Tourism Authority since January 2020, will be tasked with leading the island’s tourism recovery after several challenging years since the onset of the pandemic. 

She succeeded former BTA CEO Charles Jeffers last year as interim CEO.

“We are starting to see incremental growth along with a reinvigorated local community. Our success can be attributed in part to a focused, data-led strategic recovery plan and our commitment to seeing it through,” Berkeley said in a statement. “By championing Bermuda’s core strengths and engaging with media and trade partners around the world, we have been able to leverage the island’s key selling characteristics and reinforce the message that we are open business.  I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to further develop this vital sector of the island’s economy.”

While the island’s tourism sector has not bounced back as well as other islands in the Atlantic-Caribbean region, its tourism numbers are climbing.

That comes after Bermuda was seeing record-breaking tourism numbers for several years before the pandemic, a resurgence the largely began with the holding of the America’s Cup sailing competition on the island back in 2017.

“We are excited to announce Tracy Berkeley to the position of CEO and are confident that the organization — and Bermuda as a whole — will benefit greatly from her leadership and expertise,” said Wayne Caines, Chairman of the BTA Board. “As Interim CEO, she answered the call to take on the challenge and delivered against a clear set of mandates, determined by the board, impeccably. I am confident that she will continue to do so with our support and the support of the island’s valuable community.” 

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