In Grenada, a New Welcome for Cruise Passengers

grenada cruise

Grenada has unveiled a new “welcome” for its cruise passengers: a striking new “Grenada” sign at the Melville Street Cruise Ship Terminal. 

The new sign, located at the entrance of the terminal’s welcome center, welcomes visitors “with a bold and colorful display of the island’s name in large letters,” according to the Grenada Tourism Authority. 

“We are thrilled to unveil this beautiful new sign at the Melville Street Cruise Ship Terminal,” said the CEO of the GTA, Petra Roach, “It is a true representation of what Grenada has to offer, and it serves as a warm welcome to all who visit our island.”

The sign’s letters were crafted to feature depictions of the island, from flora and fauna to yachting and, of course, the island’s signature spice, nutmeg.

It’s a new addition that should prove to be a hit, particularly with Instagrammers. 

Officials say they are confident “that the new sign will serve as a powerful symbol and a perfect representation of Grenada’s unique selling points and will inspire more visitors to explore every facet of the tri island state.”

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