10 Great Caribbean Beach Towns to Visit in 2023

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La Plage LTC in Grand Case.

Grand Case, St Martin What if you took a few dozen of the best restaurants in the Caribbean and put them all on one street? Well, that’s pretty much the story in this classic beach town in St Martin where a single boulevard features a jaw-dropping assortment of world-class restaurants, all set perched right above the edge of the beach. Whether you’re at fine-dining hotspots like Le Pressoir and Bistrot Caraibes or signature food shacks like the famous Lolos, every day here is a culinary adventure. The town is also blessed with a lovely collection of boutique hotels like (the newly rebranded) La Plage LTC, Love Hotel and, just down the road, the marvelous Grand Case Beach Club. A must: dinner at Le Pressoir. 

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